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Walking therapy can be arranged to suit your needs.  Being outside can bring a sense of calm and my sessions give you the space and time to connect to your surroundings. We walk at your pace so you don't need to be a regular walker to benefit from these sessions.  I guide the walk so you don't need a map and we can take regular breaks.  Exercise can improve your mental well-being and walking side-by-side can create an easier conversation than being sat in an office.  

Walking Therapy

Walking therapy guide

Where we go

I can arrange walks to suit your availability in either Worsely woods, Stretford river walk or Urmston meadows.

What do I bring

I provide details about where you can park or what public transport is available and I bring a route map.  You will need a coat and sensible shoes or boots appropriate for the weather.

The session

Walking therapy allows more time for mindfulness and silence in our sessions. You direct the therapy but I may guide our walk to listen to sounds and embrace our surroundings. 

The research

Walking therapy is beneficial for the mind.  The research about walking therapy is constantly evolving but experience tells me that it clears my mind, brings me to the present and gives a feeling of freedom to talk about feelings and emotions which may be difficult. Contact me for further information. 

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