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Counselling sessions

I am an experienced, qualified counsellor offering person-centred therapy for women struggling with anxiety, low mood, worry and self-esteem issues.  I can work with you to bring about change in your life and build your confidence to communicate to the people around you what you need.  It can be difficult to talk about feelings and emotions that we don't understand and I can help you work through this stage in your life to bring about change.  

Lorna Ellen on beach in sunshine

Starting counselling can be daunting.  I offer a free 15 minute informal chat to get started and we can discuss what therapy you would like to access. 

We then move to having an initial session to complete a needs assessment and begin therapy together.  

I recommend that we meet for 6 sessions to begin with and review how the sessions are going.  We can then continue on a rolling basis according to your needs.  

You can choose to access counselling either online or face to face, either in Stretford or the Nebula centre in Carrington.  

Walking therapy is also available.  

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